Bee in the Fall

May 30, 2017
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The other day
I saw a bee
And she looked like she was full of glee
But she was lone
She had no mate
Then she decided to fly away

Went to her hamlet
Where she grows pain
She was in deep
But she was in seals
No one could see it
But we had made it
A place between jail and dominated

If I could just break it all
Just like wings of bees who fall
But can I just accept it if I can’t control?
Could I share what I have learned?
Or do i just wait and ignore?
Imagine nothing happened,
What was I saying before?

I’m on the run, I’m a thief
I know a sick secret
I hold the keys to opening our joy
Should I show them out?

I don’t think I should hide anymore
Take this knowledge and your life and beat it!
I don’t think I should hide anymore
Take your happiness ‘cause I don’t need it!

I want you to live and to be the change
We should all live to be free
If we can just learn to leave
If we can just learn to leave

We had a plan to crush the wall
We need the great divide to fall
To unify us
From every race
No matter what we’ll find a way

And brick by brick
We tore down the thick
That it cleared up the sky and way of sunlight
And one by one
Becoming  unnumb
We were fixing the pieces to a broken gun

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