My luck. IDK

May 21, 2017
By , LA, CA

Long Days

Crippled Minds

Mocking Craves

Tired Eyes


This is the life 

I've just begun

I'm stabbed with the knife

Of an old soul


Fortunes have left me

Sleepless nights appear

People who loose the key

Come crawling for second chances

But they never come

And never will


This is the time

When all else is forgotten

And thoughts mostly left behind

Emotions overrule


What's to come of our future?

What really matters now?

Can someone please give me some humor,

Because everything is drowning me out.


Days in the life

Of a kid whose

always ignored

Bout to blow a fuse


Everythings ringing 

Nothing makes sense

Pictures are blurring

Everyone turns away.

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