Dream Catcher

May 20, 2017
By Anonymous

We sat on the porch, with our hopes gone/
Making something we thought we could bring home/
Sitting there with a spool of wire and yarn/
Making dream-catchers, something we could call our own/

Nights pass and cold days will too/
Until the next time I can see you/
I sit here on the porch with nothing to do/
But to watch the dream-catchers sway in the cool//

Show me the light/
Show me better nights/
Is it hard to give me a sign?/
It’s just a song/
Tell me I’m wrong/
Catching dreams that used to be mine//

The future can haunt you even in the past/
The present seems to be rushing by so fast/
How can I know how much time I have/
My dream-catcher, a fishing line I cast/

Once the neighbour’s old cat had said/
At night, your memories surface instead/
That dreams are just stories re-read/
Time to say good bye to the comfort of my bed//


You’ll see me on the porch with nothing left to do/
Just remembering the last time that I saw you/
Watching the dream-catchers we made, one afternoon/
With hopes that I’ll see you again, really soon//


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