May 10, 2017
By badmutha BRONZE, Hamilton , Ohio
badmutha BRONZE, Hamilton , Ohio
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I want some food
Steak does sound good, ohh I can just smell the steam from the tender steak
Everyone agrees
Maybe pizza—or pork chop

Lunch arises
The pizza shifted into a colorful painting
Bringing Happiness
Got the munchies
Joy occurs, happiness occurs

Still as hungry as a bear
Munchin Pizza, madly, miraculously
Downing Pools of Kool Aid

Time transpires, I could eat a horse
Go buy me another pizza
Here I have $20.00
Here I have $20.00
Here I have $20.00

Ooh the other three pizzas are here
Everyone is coming near
Pizza was sizzling still

Oh crap I ate too much
I ended up throwing up
I should’ve listened to the pizza
It was telling me to chill

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