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(I was ) Lost

 Deep down

in the evergreens 

laid the most beautiful girl you ever did see

she roamed the woods,

Hoping for love 

but when she didn't find it, she felt so alone,

so she said

'will someone please come for me, I feel so alone and let me st in these woods.

I won't be a bother; won't cause a mess. Just please just make me become found again' 

days went by, she had no hope. she was a lost girl forever the years. She said ' I just want to be found, that's all I want. Someone please I want to be found, I'm tired of being a lost girl. This is no longer my home sweet home, I want out of this wretched forest.'

The girl sat down, cried sad tears, wondered why she couldn't be found. 

A boy with the sweetest blue eyes came up behind 

gently pressed a hand to her arm and said in the gentlest tone, 

' don't shed another tear, I am here to make you found.' 

The girl wiped her eyes, smiled lightly, and said in a cheery voice

' I was lost, but now am found, no longer a lost girl, I am found.mi was lost but now am found'

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