Sleepless Nights

April 28, 2017
By AaronSy BRONZE, Norwalk, California
AaronSy BRONZE, Norwalk, California
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Every night seems to pass by forever and time goes by slowly
These voices in my head never stop screaming and yelling
I needed to sleep, but I couldn’t. I just sat on my bed.
I smoked cheap cigarettes the rest of the night, still nothing
I stared at the wall, knowing that my sleep will be gone
The alarm rings, I’m still awake, and the night is done.


Everytime I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise

My life outside my home isn’t much better.
I go out but I feel like a stone, lame and boring.
College sucked. I’ve gone to none of my classes so I dropped
My clothes look like junk, old, and smell like trash.
People outside give me odd and funny looks.
Is it because my pale face? Or my bloodshot eyes?
I feel like I can’t concentrate on anything at all.
At this point I practically look like a homeless person


Everytime I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise


It’s been three days without proper sleep and it’s tough
I thought I had it all planned out but it never went through.
I’ve never felt so alone, so sad, so unkown.
Maybe I’ll get better but who knows?
I feel myself going insane as the clock ticks
My endless night goes by, hours at a time.


*Everytime I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise


*Refrain from “Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey

The author's comments:

Aaron has four sisters who love to put makeup on him. He hits shuttlecocks back and forth on the court. If Aaron isn’t in the gym playing badminton, he’s driving around to new destinations he’s never been to.

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