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May 3, 2017
By the.ultimate.weirdo SILVER, Lakewood, Washington
the.ultimate.weirdo SILVER, Lakewood, Washington
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" Every now and then when the brushes you by you need to use your strength to keep you up and standing tall. so never let something so small take such a big toll on your day."

 " 123 123 , 123 123 , Ive been searching. for a long time can't you see. every once in a while i loose my self. i loose a grip to reality. i loose the biggest part of me.  but tonight i'm gonna put my foot own. and be everything i want to do. I'm not gonna loose myself in this moment. it's just gonna be you and me. We're gonna sing our hearts out like it's the last chance were gonna ever ever get. and be everything we dream to be. (chorus) We're gonna live in this moment. Nothing gonna destroy it. Everybody stand up. Live in this moment with you and me. I'm not gonna let you slam the door in my face. I'm gonna take control. I am taking my time and it aint ever gonna be a race when i sing out my soul. Do it for you. Do it for me. do it for the music and everything that cant ever touch me. i'm doing it for the rest of my life and i'm taking control now. So don't try to shut me down. Baby were gonna be powerful. No more searching . we aren't lost anymore. our heart , our soul, everything we are is right here, right now, come one come on come on don't lose yourself unless you losing yourself in the music.123 123 , 123 123,(CHORUS) we're gonna live in theis moment. Nothing gonna destroy it. everybody stand up. live in this moment with you and me.Everybody take control of reality. ooooo hhhhhmmmmmmmm. mmmmmm. live ni this moment with you and me and take control of reality. loode yourself in this moment."

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never let anyone take you down

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