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April 23, 2017
By LewieG SILVER, Mansfield, Texas
LewieG SILVER, Mansfield, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

-Nelson Mandela

When it all falls down in tiny pieces around you, you look to the ones you always blame.
You know, the ones they idolize to fame so you can continue passing the blame.
So they reach back out and pick you back up again.
Act as if the last dash at their intelligence was nothing but a slight look of disdain.
Act as if all the pain was apart of their personal growth into the fame.
You have no sense of self trust,
But you have all the sense of self worth.
Your fame and praise is using others for monetary value
You target others until they themselves are to wrapped by the pain you spin
The angst and anger you pin.
That's when they go dark
That's when they start hitting laced blunts
That's when they start punching the clock,
They hopping the clock punch back.
Until finally, the clock punch back
Then all they see is the black of death.
The same trap they so carelessly wrap themselves in
Back when the had the ignorance of life.
Back when they had seen nothing unless it was through a rose colored glass
Life took those same lens spinning merry tales of no greed or strife.
All to make sure you where forever entangled
Now you pay with our lives 
And those who know continue to move on in life.
They on the constant run up to make a better stride
They on the constant come u to strive
They no longer trying to cause strife like you did back in the day.
They that much more powerful with the effort they yield
They that much more careful with the power they give you to wield
They dont want to repeat what they got
Back when they first entered the death of that door you built

The author's comments:

Honestly if you see the world we live in today you realize just how many people only want to eat you whole. There are very few people that care about your well being and many  people push them away when they are blinded by the fakes they surround themselves wiht. Its devastating to watch a good person rap themselves in a cloak of saddnes and evil. Its painful to watch them happily suffer all to make themselves just that much more popular here on earth. Its enraging when you see the people they assocaite with are monsters that care nothing of their own well being or the people they assoiate with with well being either. The only thing worse is to know that more than likely they were once that person who they prey on now. Except now they increasingly become more distant and detached to what they are doing just to gain status or some sort of happiness in the short term life they live.

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