Welcome to WWIII

April 13, 2017

Once upon a time
In a very close land,
There lived a country,
Living in a system
Full of poverty.
Now listen up,
This country wasn’t like any other,
It had a couple problems,
But at least it had it’s freedom.

Stoked up on rations,
Livin’ in factions,
Welcome to WWIII.

Falling rain of fire,
Walls of barbed wire,
Welcome to WWIII.

Lemme tell you how this story began,
From the time back into 2016.
Election started rolling,
Thunderstorms, Genocides
But despite the hopes
Of most the people below,
The Brains were voted out,
and the Brawn had won.

Nervous, chucklin’ laughter,
Growing a lot quieter,
Welcome to WWIII.

Silence of the peacemakers,
Cheers of the criminals,
Welcome to WWIII.

Now Brawn didn’t like the way
the country was being played,
So he took it up with the House and the Senate.
“Now gimme one second so
Tr*mp can speak his piece,
I’m sick of the equality
And all this d**n peace,
So let’s take some groups
That aren’t so white,
Throw them out of the country,
So we can make things right!”

Protesting, Pleading,
Arguing, Shooting,
Welcome to WWIII.

Terrorized, Terrified,
Satisfied, Justified,
Welcome to WWIII.

Senate and House said,
“Whoa now, listen here.
These are some things that
We do not allow here.
This country is made for freedom,
And not for such racism,
And please, now, assure us
There’s nothing going on with Russia?”

The Brawn simply shrugged
Turning away, he held a frown.
“I’m sick of all these jack**ses,
F**k their beliefs. I’ll start a war,
Then they might listen to me.”

So he searched and he searched,
Until the moment finally came,
Talk of planned bombings,
From the DPRK.
“Listen, you fools, I see your threats,
But you’re just as harmless
As a woman holding towelettes.
Now I got all these bombs,
You can’t compete.
Gimme a shot.
Come on! Come at me!”

Stoked up on rations,
Living in factions,
Welcome to WWIII.

Falling rain of fire,
Walls of barbed wire,
Welcome to WWIII.

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