March 31, 2017
By E$@M123 BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
E$@M123 BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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From now to way back in the day
Even before when the pictures were mostly grey
There is a really big problem on this planet
That is causing a lot of panic
The problem I’m talking about is racism
It’s bad and shouldn't happen to any organism
Racism is the discrimination directed towards another race
All that hatred because someone came from a different place
Back in the 1900 it was aimed towards the blacks
Listen good as I hit you with some facts
Blacks are three percent more likely to get killed by a cop than whites
But I thought that we already fought for our rights
Also don't forget about the latinos
Who went through almost as much prejudice as the negroes
Latino females earn roughly 54 cents for every dollar earned by a white man
That’s $24,000 in a year’s time and I've only just began
Don't forget the stereotypes that blacks are just thugs
That they are killers and don't do anything but drugs
Or that all hispanics are illegal mexicans
Coming and stealing the jobs of americans
Our own president says he is going to build a wall
Is this the beginning of us accepting our downfall
If racism is gone why are there hate groups like the KKK
I have a dream for the end of racism just like MLK
We need to stop looking at people and their skin
Because eventually we all are kin
Racism won't end in a week
But it will be faster if you stand up and speak
I want everyone who reads this to share with their friends
To their family, neighbors, and their boyfriends
Get everyone to read this let's start a trend
Go online and tweet #PutRacismToAnEnd

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