April 5, 2017

Well this time I'm lost
It feels like everyone wants me gone
And I'm frowned upon
I know my life isn’t tough
then why do I feel rough
And I feel like i’ve had enough
So I'm asking you to

Take me to paradise
I know it feels just right
I was lost so take me to the light
I won’t even fight
Because I’ve never had a home til tonight

I know i don't have any right to complain
Infact complaining makes me look insane
Taking things for granted makes me inane
A tool, a loser, and real lame
There are people who have it worse than I
Yet they can be happy under the same blue sky
Instead I’ll ask them for a chance to fly
Take us to paradise
We know it feels just right
We were was lost so take us to the light
So that we could feel alright

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