April 5, 2017
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This is the beginning
The top of the first inning
The mother bear sets you free
The ship embarks on what seems an endless journey
Nervous and scared
But all of us were still prepared
Learning all sorts
The first time we ever played sports
So much to come upon
The journey here seemed so long
At the end of the introduction to the song
Can’t believe what we’re about to go through
So much more to look forward to
The tone has been set
Some of it we will never forget
The fish is now used to the water temperature
Everyone is excited to move even further
Though in the back of our minds we know stress is coming
Soon the dam will start overflowing and flooding
Not much to do about it
Just have to sit back and be ready to take the hit

Then the middle
Most have already figured out the riddle
Groups have been formed
Its incredible how much some of us have transformed
Things start to get a little stressful
Everyone hoping one that day they’ll be successful
The snowball starts rolling down the hill
The glass of water is just about to spill
It all starts to matter
We are now a little further than halfway up the latter
Backpacks start to get a whole lot heavier
The pack feels a lot emptier
It all gets so confusing
Keeping up is pretty challenging, it's amusing
Thinking back to the earlier days
Now it's all tests, quizzes, and essays
You’ve got to be superfluous, nothing less

And finally, the end
No more time for pretend
Stress is everywhere
You start to realize it can be unfair
More pressure than you can imagine
More than you can handle starts to happen
Your performance now affects it all
The rest of the journey is going to be quite a haul
Your backpack is far too heavy
The guest knocks on the door but we’re not ready
Everything is swarming you
You just have to fight back with the help of your crew
Everything has built up to this moment right now
It is all being put to an end somehow
Then elevator cannot go back down
The time has come for the king to pass down his crown
Reloading the gun with more bullets this time
We’ve got another tall tree to climb
It can’t be over, I’m not ready to go
But the pitcher already has the ball he’s going to throw
The lumberjack has cut down the tree
Looking around at what now surrounds me.

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