The Path of Love

March 31, 2017

Through the path
I remember your laugh 
It was like nothing before
When I was sleeping on the floor
I missed you even more
I'll never forget how much I cried
When I saw you with another guy
It made me want to die
But just inside.

I will walk through the desert
I will walk down the aisle
I will swim all the oceans
Just to see you smile

I'll never forget how you made me feel
When you made me be your third wheel
It put me in a cold place
I felt like I was your disgrace
You were afraid to have me around
Because I acted like a clown
Think that you would laugh out loud
I was hoping there would be a way
But then realized you live so far away

I will walk through fire
I will fall off a cliff
I will walk on water
Just to get a kiss

I want you to know
I'll make you glow
Like the Fourth of July
When I look into your eyes
I see a beautiful sunrise
Even on a bad day
You make all the bad things go away.

I will walk through quick sand
I will ride a shark
I will hug a tiger
Just to have your heart.

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