Lavender Stories

March 21, 2017
By , Allston, MA

Man, I’m just so damn frustrated
Got so much money it looks like I hate it
Broke my crib’s door but I don’t renovate it
The one stack I have, I would rather save it

And I ain’t the only one
My friends broke as well
We had to save for a couple months
For our homeboy in jail
I had to starve for a couple months
To get a damn video game
Well, at least I got paid
By the City of Rain

And I gotta go to college, that ain’t cool
Pick a career, pick an affordable school
Or maybe not, I already got a PHD,
So why would I need two?
Places my friends wanna get to
I’m just trying to get through
This infinite cash loop
Where as soon as you make it
And do your best to save it
You just get swooped

Fake chains, fake guns
Well, at least he gave the strippers
Some very real ones
I hope so. Man, are you serious?
You goddamn Alfonso
Remember when your girl paid for you?
When we had a concert
Aren’t you tired of your her
Being your sponsor?
This the last stack I give your ass, okay?
And if we go somewhere, you gon pay?

And what about my uncle’s friend?
He’s so broke, should I give him a hand?
Spends days alone at a cheap bar
Can not afford a phone, or a girl or a car
Guess why his son is named Ivanhoe
Can not buy a house, lives in a bando
Comes out of a store with one potato
It’s not Christmas, but he needs a Santa
This is the broke people anthem,
Or at least a low-paid show.

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