March 27, 2017

She covered her eyes,

block out the sound,

hid from the world.


He looked down,

ran away,

never stopped.


They didn't know it then.

they didn't know

they just had to stop,

and believe.


The world is so dark.

The world is so hard.

The world never cared.

The world always lied.

The world was always fake.


She was all alone,

He was shamed,

She cried and cried, 

He hung on and on

and on.


He lost the only one

who could keep 

him going.


She lost the last

hope she had. 

That little light that kept

her on her feet.


The world didn't care.

The world didn't help.

The world didn't stop.


They didn't know 

they just had to keep going.


So get up girl,

stop running boy, 

turn around

and show the

worl you're not going

to be pushed 

around ANYMORE!

Make the world unsterstand!


The key was to believe...

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