Black Hole

March 23, 2017
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when I see the stars

I see they are a million miles away

when I see your eyes,

I realize they're a million miles away


your voice

its like a whispered tug of the heartstrings

your smile

is like the sun coming through rainclouds

your eyes

are deeper than the universe

and I'm a starship

going through uncharted land


how can I be so far away 

but feel you next to me every day


you are, a multitude of emotions 

swirling, creating quite a commotion

in a black hole

thats only made for me

you are the best kind of feeling

crazy, you keep me reeling

inch by inch to the black hole

thats only made for me


how does

someone feel so up down in 'n out

it seems

like magic does exist

but why

are you so vivid from so far away

like artwork

let me take your beauty in


how can I be so far away

but see your color everyday


you are an eastern sunrise morning

showing me, trying to give me a warning 

to turn back

but you know I never will

you are, the twilight in the evening

nothing, everything filled with meaning

inch by inch to the black hole,

thats only made for me


sadness, laughter, destined, doubt,

inside, outside, roundabout


you are, a masterpiece like no other

so much yet to be discovered

always more,

I can only let you in

you are

another galaxy altogether

we will always be better together


my black hole,

that is meant to be

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