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Broken glass in a broken world

They say your are beautiful, you think they're all delirious. You're filled with hate, filled with pai, they have no idea. To them you're all okay. But life's not what it use to be, cause now the world's plain mean. You work all day cry all night, just to wash your worst away... Well we all say .
We are broken girls, in a broken world, all forced to take a smile.
We are broken boys Ina a broken world forced to act so tough. This world is full of glass. They say no pain, I say no gain. We'd crawl to safety, but the broken glass is too sharp. The broken glass if this world, is too sharp.
Verse two
They say your wise, you think it's lies, nobody knows. You filled with thoughts and the coldest heart. They think they know, but boy they don't. I was born in the wrong time and in the wrong place. We smile all day, pray all night wishing this day would end. Boy they don't know....
Repeat chorus
Verse three climax
They wanna see you shine, but the lights gone out. They wanna see you run, but the pavements gone. All gone oh all gone. There isn't anything left to say buuuut....

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