With You

March 22, 2017

When the stars come out.
I think in my mind without a doubt.
That your are the best.
And I have never ever felt more blessed.

Your eyes are like stars.
I love the love we call ours.
You make smile and laugh till I cry.
I couldn’t imagine ever saying goodbye.

As time goes on and days pass by.
I think and why?
Why is someone like you special to me.
I realize you make me feel free.

You take all my worries and turn them around.
You make sure my frown is upside down.
You never tell me any lies.
I hope you see me in my suit and tie.

I wanna dance with you on my wedding day.
All our troubled will go away.
You are my one my only.
To make sure i’m never lonely.

I wanna tell you one more time.
If I can find anymore words that rhyme.
I never a moment when i’m blue.
When i’m laughing, living, and loving with you.

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