Broken Boy

March 17, 2017
By CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
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He was never

really popular.

Never did

fit with the crowd.


This boy would

lie to himself

til the people's voices 

would dissolve



But as soon as 

he did,

one voice 

would stand above the 


knock him back down.


And that voice was you!


Even when he

was a kid

you never let 

him feel

like he 

was a star


What did you 

even have against


Because of you

he couldn't

crack a smile

at the 



You broke

his soul into


never to pick up 

the pieces.

As he got older

you just got 



Mom and Dad

were never there

but you wouldn't know

cause you never



He had a talent.

you never saw it.


When he finally

let you see it

thinkin' it 

would turn things


you tore him down.



his talent was

just amazing..


His talent was

amazing, but you didn't 

want him to know

so you took him down.

Made him feel

like he had nothin'.


What did you have

against this boy?


He could sing 

like an angel.


His smile could make 

your day light up.


You just wanted 

yourself to feel

better by tearing

him down, but you don't know

what this boy goes 

through once his eyes open up.


OH! Those eyes 

can go right through you!


Bet you didnt realize

it just made worst.


You just don't know

what that boy does

yo fake a smile...


Did you ever stop to 

think what he does when

he gets home; after you had

your turn to make

him nothing?


He comes home to 

a drunkin' father

abusive mother

takin' turns

wackin' him around.


It's amazin'

wonderin' how he 

hasn't givin' up.


Gets picked on at 


Abused at home.

Hised the marks

so no one



"Maybe if I had showed them my talent, they'd leave me alone. I shouldve known it wouldn't change anything... I just can't wait to leave this place..."


How could you have

not seen the pain behind

those green eyes.

That bright smile.

wonderful voice.


It's too late to 

changes what's in 



You can apologize

all you want!

But you wont be able to fix him.

He's already changed... 

behind that fake smile...

he shows you...


This boy would lie

to himself 'til

the people's voices 

dissolved into nothing


But as soon as he did

one would stand above the

rest and knock him

back down.


As he got older

you got rougher.


Mom and Dad

never there

but you wouldn't know

cause you never 



Because of you

he couldn't crack a smile

at the world.


You brokehis soul into 


never to

pick up the pieces...

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