A Permanent Scar Alternative lyrics

March 15, 2017

Falling hard for/a/bOy/iS a girl

I'd have given it all awAy/ if I knew/

You'd stay by my side, just for a while.

I want/ you to know, Oh before I go,

I just want to know/ how it feels/

To feel your love.

Is it rEal?

Is it something I can cling to,

/or will you/ let me gOo,

Leave me sore for a WHile,

or will you hold me close  and never let this go?

Never let it fade Away

I just want to know is it the same

Do you feel the same way

I want to know/ how it feels

to feel something real

To make a mistake, to fEEl the heartbreak.

Words leave you sore for a while,

Make you feel the heartache

The memories, and mistakes,

things time can't ErAse

Chorus// repeat 2 times.

I want to know is it the same/

I want to know/ How it feels to make a mistake, take a wrong turn,/ feel the heartbreak/

if I'd known/ But there's things time cant erase,

That it hurts, and it burns, it leaves a mark,

A permanent scar.

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