March 8, 2017
By jeffrey.w BRONZE, Hancock, Wisconsin
jeffrey.w BRONZE, Hancock, Wisconsin
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JW:I got two paths now one will rise to the challenge  then there is the one that laughs at my pain
but my pain is my past

DM: my pain in my past
My past is my pain
Like how people talk so fast
it drives me insane

JW:The past won’t be my past for long
cause I will rewrite all my wrongs

DM:not gonna smoke out of that pipe
Not gonna smoke outta that bong
Not gonna do the things i used to like
I’m gonna rewrite my wrongs

JW:I’m fighting with my past
I must be losing cause my mind won’t last

DM: i can't feel my arms
I can't feel my legs
I can't breath
I can't breath
JW:They trigger many memories
ones buried deep inside of meeven though they're not all heavenly

some bury my so I can’t breathe
DM: they trigger many memories
Like they hit the trigger on that gun

Let me tell u something it ain't fun
JW:I’m afraid of all these extremes piling up inside of me  even though what i’ve done doesn’t define me
JW:So I made my choice I have to choose the one that laughs at me so,i can create a better me

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