March 8, 2017
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In the ruins of this once grand world,

I stand overcome with darkness,

staring at this place of innocence.

A quick burst of light restores visions in my mind.

Pristine views of the tall, monolithic structures glisten in the sun.

I remember that gentle breeze that caressed my face.


In an instant it's over,

I'm back in this dark place.

Structures now rubble.

A breeze becomes the burning sting of sand against my cheeks.

The dark encroaches again, overtaking my mind.

I wonder aimlessly, no beginning, no end,

hoping for some release

from this loneliness of the dark.


I won't accept the work for what it is.

Don't think I will find what I'm looking for.

Even at the lowest points,

I keep looking forward.

As the time passes, it hits me,

I am the light.


On the verge of collapse,

I realize the terrain inclines.

Desolate plains turn rocky paths,

jagged and rough like scars on earth.

I push through the pain, ascending forward.

Gazing upon a faded figure on the ridge top.

A shadow pierces the flashes of a storm.

I recognize this shape.

Ascending once more,

this time is faster than ever before,

I'm following something I once lost.

As I near the ridge,

the object disappears,

I find myself compelled to advance,

wanting to discover why I'm drawn to this object.

I'm scurrying, slipping,

feeling my skin tear against the bare rock.

The stinging of the pain

and the warmth of fresh blood

overtakes my body.

I continue uphill, reaching the crest,


Could it be?

A familiar hand reaching down,

pulling me from the darkness?


I won't accept the world for what it is.

Don't think I will find what I'm looking for.

Even at the lowest points,

I keep looking forward.

As the time passes, it hits me.

I am the light.


I'm at the peak,

the strange, humanlike form

standing next to me,

featureless and hazy,

fading in and out of existence.

I'm calmed by its presence,

as if it's someone I once knew.

I stand here waiting,

don't know why,

but I know this character is here for a reason.

The fading penetrates my vision.

I tremble as it dissipates.

Raising its finger,

as if pointing.

In the instant it leaves,

I'm looking in the dust of its shadow.

The storm disappears,

I feel warm.

A familiar breeze returns.

Awe stricken, I watch as the sky opens.

A golden beam appears,

revealing a magnificent lush green valley.

The sun radiates on fresh green grass

revealing my reflection on the sunlit ground.

Now I know my purpose.

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