nowhere near fine

March 1, 2017
By LarrizaCarrillo BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
LarrizaCarrillo BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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Days been goin by n im feelin fine ,
although im not so sure its right to waste my time without you in ma life,
straight up i think im loosin ma appetite ,
on the other hand i got all these boys all up in ma inbox ,
although im not to sure if there the right kind or maybe they just aint ma type ,
i guess afterall i just aint so fine ,
lowkey im missin you in ma life but i just cant take all this lyin ,
you got me feelin so lonley , feelin like im dyin slowly , n im just here tryna keep it lowkey .
Just tell me how to fix this dirty problem so we can make it clean cuz im feelin like you just really dont kno me …
Days been goin by n im nowwhere near fine ,
our memories just be keepin me up all night tho i aint trynna fight
just give me a sign how i can make it all right cuz i aint  nowhere near fine n
latley i havent been so kind , so plzz dont ask me if im fine cuz this really isnt the time
i jusst got to many problems runnin threw my mind
(yeahh)  im nowwhenre near fine

The author's comments:

i like theses lyrics but give me some comments cuz this is just the begining

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