March 3, 2017
By DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
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"I swear dude, one day, i'm gonna get off the bus and run into the forest, and i wont come back, and when i do, i'm gonna be the knife master." ~The Rev

I’m sorry for all the lies,
I wish I could take it away,
I’m sorry for all the false tries,
I must live with it every day,
These reasons caused pain,
So hard, I want to go away,
I’m falling like heaviest rain,
Falling all day,
These reasons cause frustrate,
It’s unbearable to think of it,
All I feel from you now is hate,
I feel like I died alone in this pit,
Pull me to the surface,
So I can show you a brighter light,
I lied enough to my face,
This darkness I continue to fight,
Wake me when its time,
I want to live,
However, pain is prime,
Telling what I should’ve,
Been and what I’ve done,
I’m not the first and not the last,
But I think I’m the only one,
Who wants to pass through fast,
Quick and over with,
Just don’t let me go,
I’m not a monolith,
But I do miss you,
Please accept who I am,
Ignore what I’m not,
Because I’m here who gives a damn,
Give me a noose for my slipknot,
Cause I’m sick of you expecting too much from me,
And I am not any more than you think I am,
Moreover, I will not act up who you want me to be,
You took my heart and all the sham,
Filled me with pointless and uselessness,
I hate this feeling inside me,
Get rid of it all I could not care less,

The author's comments:

Well, this takes my sadness and frustration towards people who hurt me in life, and put it on paper, and I'm sorry for any who may find this offensive, I just express my feelings through peotry because that is what I enjoy doing.

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