Warnings are for the Weak

March 8, 2017
Taking bricks to build these walls,
Caution tape around my heart,
Won't let you in.
You come close and I push you back,
Just trying to fill all the cracks,
left in me.

And I can't let you in
I don't know how to make you stay.
I'm not sure how to save myself. Please, don't walk away.

Running down these empty halls,
Searching long and searching hard,
Can't find you here.
Fearful that you'll take it back,
I've opened my heart just a crack,
I'm still hiding.

I try to let you in
But I don't know how to ask you to stay.
I feel lost and unsure.
Please, don't walk away.

Finally I have found you,
I tear my walls down for you,
Im filled with joy.
You say you love me and I say it back,
You're filling in the empty cracks,
piece by piece.

You've found a way in,
And you've promised that you'll always stay.
I'm not lost I am found.
Less broken but beautiful all the same.

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