Life The Only One I will Have

March 7, 2017
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Life you only get one
Are you gonna die natural or by a gun
One life then you're done
So you better have lots of fun

One thing I fear is to die alone
No one there to sit with me on my throne
To have no home

I think about my life all the time
And I feel life has been fine
Sometimes it’s sour like a lime

Basketball one huge chunk of my life the one I love
I treat my memories like a delicate dove
From when I was born til I go above

School is not done
It’s only begun
But friends make it worth my time and fun

Music something that I hear all the time
Lyrics stick to me and stays in my mind
Sometimes they’re harsh or Kind
But I'm stuck hitting the button to rewind

1314 very important numbers to me that no one can buy
Life always has to end but why?
Grandma, when I look up in the sky, do you see me cry
I’m not even gonna lie
I don't care if you call me Trenton or chi
I just want to be remembered when I Die.
Now put your hands in the sky

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