February 28, 2017

Look at what you’ve done.
I tried so hard, but now there’s damage on my soul.
These years of torture have begun to take their toll.
My happiness has been worn down, has become dull.
What can I do?


How do I repair
The heart I gave to you, the heart that was so kind?
You gave me purpose, and you lent me piece of mind.
It all seemed beautiful, but loving made me blind.
My soul just flew.


My soul just flew, but then you tore it down.
I learned to shine, but you sent me to drown.
I came alive beneath your gaze,
But now when I reach out, I come back frozen.
With empty hands, my heart is broken.
I try to move on, I never can.


How long will this last?
Can I expect you to eventually leave my side?
We wanted love, it never worked, but yes, we tried.
Both of our hearts are indivisible, they’re tied.
Can’t let you go. 

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