La vie

February 17, 2017
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Life is like a coin.
You spend it,
You take it,
You make it,
You fake it.

You try and you fail.
Why is this so stale?
Life is like a snail,
Going slowly through the veil.

Tick tock.
Goes the clock
Why do you always gotta mock?
Gotta unlock,
We’re on the clock.

To fix that broken drum.
Got me so numb.
I’m stuck under your thumb.
Why do I gotta be so dumb?

My loving is turning to hate.
I’m asking you to wait.
I can’t concentrate.

Life is a game.
Life is life.
That we used to play.
Taking the risk,
Taking the chance.
Never knowing the outcome.

I guess it’s the war,
That will rage on.
Because we don’t know,
Right from wrong.

It’s as simple.
As can be.
I don’t know how to,
Make it clearer to thee.

You see, I can be a little naive.
But at least,
I’m still me.

As long as we’re still here.
I have to make a few things clear.
Life is gonna be life.
You have to live in the moment.
Don’t allow tomorrow to swallow you down.

Live for the moment.
To own it.
You’ve grown,
From the throne.

Don’t let life bring you down.
And make you frown.
You gotta take what you got,
And make it through the lot.

Don’t aim to be,
Something that’s perfect.
It ain’t worth it.
To be something that’s perfect.

I swallow my pride.
I await the ride.
I follow the tide.

On the journey of life,.
Can’t suffice.
Too blind for the fog.
Leapfrog let’s go ahead,
To a time that we don’t dread.

I wanna make amends.
But that depends.
What do you recommend,
To fix this broken bend?

I see all these flakes.
Trying to be Drakes.
I awake for my own sake.
Maybe it’s a mistake.

The night steals the light.
Despite the sight.
I have the right,
To fight.

The debris from the war,
Got me in the core.
I no longer adore.
What I used to be before.

So I guess that’s it for me.
I’ve made my peace.
I’m gonna release,
The hate.

I’m gonna concentrate.
Life’s gonna await,
It’s not gonna take the bait.
That will deflate
I’m gonna make what I got
And take what I sought.

Life is life.. 

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