February 20, 2017
By DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
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"I swear dude, one day, i'm gonna get off the bus and run into the forest, and i wont come back, and when i do, i'm gonna be the knife master." ~The Rev

Inside the mind of pure sanity,
Is a dwelling rage,
Of bitter insanity,
Greater of the turning page,
Inside the mind of a madman,
The kindness and care,
Not of the pain of a deadman,
All the words we share,
Inside the heart of an angel,
The sweetest of sound,
The gentlest touch in angle,
Her crown is hollow and round,
Within the soul of a demon,
The bitterest lies,
Believing the end is comin’,
Face all and rise,
The sun came out,
You walked through,
You silenced my shout,
What did you do,
I was so mad,
Now im happy,
I was sad,
Your like lazuli,

The author's comments:

In relation to my girlfriend once again, this describes slightly how she changed my life a little, i am working on another song about how she changed me, this is only a little bit of an explanation.

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