There's Always Something

February 2, 2017
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Why do they do it?
Commit gruesome crimes
Though criminals never admit
Cases still occur many times

From burglaries and theft
To assaults and murder
Leaving nothing left
But public disorder

In front of our eyes
We see the obscene
Yet one must realize
There’s more to the scene

There’s always a reason
Behind most of these acts
No matter the treason
There are always the facts

The best place to search
Is the person’s past
It’s where they were forged
Where the curse was cast

How it all started
Were they not raised well
Were their Parents cold hearted
And put them through hell

Alcoholics or drug users
Other things are possible
Yet they robbed their child's future
Making their life miserable

Perhaps it was their home
Was it miserable and rundown
Living with no space to roam
In dangerous parts of town

Surviving as the poor
They can’t go to college
Nothing they can afford
Even if it’s knowledge

Maybe Mental sickness
Is also a culprit
A horrible illness
Where one acts like a puppet

They act before they think
No control from the brain
Genetics don’t interlink
The person going insane

But most important
There is the motive
Acting like a warrant
Yet more psychoactive

The most popular two
Revenge and Jealousy
Despite them not being new
They’ve been here for centuries

Revenge is typical
They are seen everyday
Yet they are miserable
Leaving lives to decay

Jealousy is worse
It’s consumed with hate
With a negative thirst
Many lives meet their fate

There are many more
To add to the list
Right to the core
Nothing is missed

Some reasons can be fixed
Buts some others can not
Trapped in the midst
Waiting to wrought

It’s quite a pity
For this to happen
They walked the path of misery
In a world they’re trapped in

If one thing changed
So would the past
Events rearrange
Relationships last

When people terrorize
With pushing and punching
One must realize
There’s always something

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