Gift of Flight

February 2, 2017
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How amazing it can be if we all can fly
Flying up all the way to the beloved sky
Looking up to see sunny weather
Wishing to be light as a feather
All of a sudden, to your astound
Your feet are floating over the ground
Glancing at your feet excitement grew
Now you want to see what you can do
Spreading your arms out as you take flight
Leaving the ground, increasing in height
The scene here is undenying
You are now basically flying
The pleasure can’t be said by any word
Your flying in the sky just like a bird
Eyes searching, scanning high, scanning low
You're wondering where’s the first place to go
From flying through the city with tall towers
To gliding over meadows filled with flowers
Soaring around in the wild yonder of blue
Taking moments to look at beautiful views
But alas your thrill and adventure is done
Soaring around in the air was so much fun
Descending to the ground for a nice soft landing
The experience was hugely outstanding
Glancing up, you couldn’t help it but smile
Knowing you were up there for quite a while
Loving the gift that you can soar
You can’t wait to do it once more

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