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January 31, 2017
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From my very own porch.
I camly lurk.
Continue my journey in words,
Grab a pair of  shorts
Take a light jog to the morge
Here come the smerks...
What about my shorts?
They still smerking,
They causing me to have a reaction
End them in a second, knee jerk reaction
A bit of blood falls hard to the ground
Symbolizing my maturity
All I need is some prevokking
I get paid to be an a**hole.
I made so muhc money doing it,
I became a self made a**hole
Waiting for the day I can wipe my a** with money
Y'all will never see me fail
Eatin every last bit of life
Grilling y'all from my back prouch
Thinking about my work ethic
How I'm all about me
If you aint about the money
Then I end you.
If you all about the fakes?
I'll cut you off.
It's a textbook move.
Its all in the rule book
Just watch me make my move.
Just got an A for my work,
Phd in eviloolgy, specalizing in being coldhearted.
Highest ranked professor in my  field
Elevate your skill

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ZephyraD! said...
Feb. 17 at 6:46 am
Very good word choice!
HollyH said...
Feb. 17 at 6:43 am
Its okay, personally it feels a little shallow but thats my opnion
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