Fade Away

January 23, 2017
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It’s always hard to hide something it’s almost like you’re silent got nothing to say but those expressions on your face just don’t give it away and soon enough it just turns to violence Fired bullets going through the air all because you sat there hopeless and crying it’s like they’re not even trying to notice or see what’s going on with you minus the fact that they said they have other things to do i bet you people who have been in an ambulance where all they hear is sirens and all they do is leave bullet wounds where it hurts from all the bullets they’ve been firing it gets kind of tiring after a while but still after a while you kind of get used to it and it doesn’t really bother you or it doesn’t become a big deal even when all the people who say they would be there thought they were real but yet You still keep it shut inside waiting for it to be opened like a christmas surprise as it just sits inside waiting for you to die and i will not stand for it and even though it seems a little bit torturous it’s probably the only thing you can do for now unless you want to keep waiting and ignoring it i’m pretty sure most people have gone over it but Yet people still sing it in most songs its such a clear message that’s been brought out by so many back stories and it’s been going on for so long but here and there people Fade Away and then they’re gone it’s like a second ago they were so fond of you they made you feel special and now you just from Platinum to Bronze i just think it’s pretty sad especially when your parents do it to you oh that’s where it’s gone then at that point i had just lost it f*** it no one deserves to know i really feel but for now all you gotta do is just to make it through life no else is going to be there for you but you and you’re the true deal

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