Rap Game

January 23, 2017
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Rap game is not something that could easily be Perfected Rap is something that is meant to represent music in such strong words something that is so easily done but yet it’s such a hard profession something that could take years in progression and yet some of the best rappers are still making it their best but yet still their making mistakes rap is something that takes dedication and also should be the most valuable possession besides yourself it’s not just art its a lifestyle something that should be used to good use and by all means not be offensive but should also be your strongest talent with lots of aggression man this s*** is expensive think about all of the production sets but think about how happy you’ll be when you finally found what you want and get higher as you start to address those haters and shove those words down their mouths their just like the rest but they haven’t seen the rest of me though i may be underground im still moving up the ladder im stil learning but they’re still just peasants Sorry i had to use that kind of language but that's the kind of lifestyle i live everyone is different so don't be messing with other people's lives actually help them i shouldn't even have to mention it but still people put others down it's kind of pathetic just wait until they get all the attention and all you're left with is nothing but being left in the trenches they'll be performing in countries that could be out of your reach could be past your fences and you'll be stuck there waiting for your time to strike but it's kind of hard to do that when you're stuck at the benches you think you're making so much progress but really you're just giving them more Motivation to keep stretching their name across the whole globe and nation let this be a lesson to all of you people out there who hate on others just for their own entertainment and just waste another session in your life just wait until you get to that point of life where are you going to be life isn't going to baby you because everyone goes through a struggle but you're not precious in the Rap game you have to be ready to be drenched in Hate and motivation Love and admiration people will love you but there will always be some kind of hindering only those who actually care for you will be so kindering i’m a mind of steel kind of person literally i’m always hauling but instantly when you insult me i don’t always start bawling when it comes to life there’s always pick ups and fallings but with this Music game i’m picking it back up and balling never withdrawing anything always brawling with confidence and just this sense of me always wants to keep trying but it seems like i’ll always see people will always keep talking all that ---- about of me they walking by me but inside of me it doesn’t even bother me i don’t understand why so many people have a problem with me but they don’t know the hard work it takes to actually get these talents when it comes to rap and singing but only you can do it if you try hard enough and actually take time when it comes to pinning it down for now i’m done this rap games is too hard see ya’ll later i’m out

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