Let This Go

December 19, 2016
By getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Scenery is nothing more than poetry.
Love is nothing more than chemicals.
'Cause fairy tales are just scribbled pages filled with happy endings and little white lies.
One person can make a difference, but a crowd can make a change.

(Got my eyes fast blinking,
Choice of words got me drinking.
Heartbeat slowing down, it's sinking,
Seeing you with him got me thinking...)
I leave the light on, you don't come home,
Call to check in but you don't answer your phone.
Search for your location, it's unknown,
Said you're by yourself, but I know you aren't alone.
Got water forming in my green eyes,
Brought on by all your appalling lies.
Kiss me while you're messing with other guys,
I finally took a step back to realize.
(We need to let this go.
We need to let this go.
I think we need to let this go...)
We aren't reading the same line,
You're never around, guess you aren't mine.
Saw that video of you and him on Vine,
You don't need me, I see you're doing fine.
He lit you up like a sun ray,
Packed my bags, I'll be out today.
His hands on your hips, watching you sway,
Made feel a different kind of aggravated way.
(We need to let this go.
We need to let this go.
I think we need to let this go...)
When you were around I felt incomplete,
Now your presence is nothing, it's obsolete.
Every memory of us I can now delete,
I was riding passenger now I took the driver's seat.
I'm tasting fresh air, up off the ground,
It's safe to say I don't need you around.
I took the throne, I wear the king's crown,
Good riddance, I'm on my flight escaping this town.
(I let this go.
I let this go.
I finally let this go...)

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