What wasn't said

November 16, 2016
By EliPiccone GOLD, New York, New York
EliPiccone GOLD, New York, New York
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The brain named itself

Nobody would care if he hung himself from the ceiling

He doesn't want think about feeling

He was told he didn't have feelings

so he had to resort to the ceiling

Sure they'd mourn, Sure they cry

They're hearts get torn, they swore they'd die

But they'll move on, to find a new song

To get over the kids life that wasn't long

He was the conducter of a train named life

We're passengers who have to share one knife

And we would spit, and we will fight, until the leaves become more light

And we'd burn the train and leave our stain

His heart would drain cause his life was the train but we just threw it away and thought it would

be back the very next day

Dot dot dot dot epilogue we kill his dog we kill his friend but he'd fight until the end until his dog ended up like him, burning on the leave that now are dim while he screamed for his friend as they're running from the end


I'm gunna talk about my feelings

Cause I don't be on the ceiling

We can learn from a martyr

We learn from those live that are harder

They grew up in a place that was harsher

He was always needed to be guarded

But only one soul had the heart

But he chained up in the dark

And the only light he had was a spark

From the leaves that are light

He know he will fight

Against the smoke that is is destined

To choke him thorough his nose

And his mouth we thought we had bad

But look at this life it's so sad

We couldn't learn from his dad

Casue he was chained in a room of glass

Cause he wouldn't share with the class

Everybody has to fight the leaves that are light

But we know the smoke drives in the fright

They will escape anyway they can

Even if they leave behind a hand

The second most dangerous people are the smokers

They cast upon us their chokers

But the most dangerous people are the smoker

who can think for themselves

Becuase it's their choice to take it off the shelf

They could leave it by itself

But they had to torture the wealth and the poor

Before leaving the exit door

And we knew he could explore

Our weakness and our strength

Until the end of the chain

That hold our martyr to die

And so we can call him from the sky

To help us

Becuase he knew what it was like

To sacrifice

The author's comments:

I wrote this to go along with a guitar progression in an acuostic fassion.

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