November 18, 2016
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Could cause commotion, and be used forthwith
What is one emotion,  we have trouble with
Don’t know the answer, don’t know why
It is anger, hatred’s ally
It’s hard to control, taming the beast
While setting a goal,  to be released
Like a volcano, spewing it’s wrath
It creates destruction in it’s path
When it goes off, there’s no clue what’ll happen
And when it’s done regret comes into action
For the victim who faced the anger
I’ll hurt the body, like a cancer
Their heart and mind are now dismembered
Feeling not good, due to short temper
the issues with this, don’t  panic yet
there’s a way to tame this angered threat
try taking a deep breaths, count to ten
it’s not hard, if so try again
there are other ways, exercise perhaps
but whatever you do, don’t let it relapse
Please take control of the anger
If not, it”ll end in a disaster.

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