Dissappearing glory

November 18, 2016

So its miggy on the mic driftin off sounds right
They tell me open up so ima open up tonight
Life gets pretty difficult so ima tell my story most dont know about the dissappearing glory
The story starts off with just a little boy with a mom and a father and a family filled with joy
The father embraced work ethic and pride and mom was a woman with strength that kept the family tied
Throughout the boys life there was tons of success the success was so plenty the family had not one stress
It was a great childhood the boy had no complaints but as he got older things quickly started to change
It was 20-14 when things started to unravel and these changes kinda hurt as if you just slid on gravel
But the pains werent physical he just kept them in so they were simply invisible to all the other men
Pops was goin through some issues searchin for a job he had a few choices but never listened to mom
So he went to spring trainin playin for the reds he didnt make the team but it happens to the best
But god was watchin over and what he had to say was miami had a spot for you to play another day
Now this is where its tough where it dont matter on the years or even if your buff
Pops didnt play much he had to swallow his pride but that didnt work out so he packed up left and never said goodbye
He did it out of anger clueless of the cost  not knowing it would chance having another boss
And thats a year without pay with a house bill of several several K
We survived 20-15 without a single salary another job came up but his anger got others pickin up an ear yes it sure was undoubtedly and now 20-16 got me worried hourly
Media cooled down for about a couple months but out of nowhere we came face with yet another bump
Words were being said such as cheater and divorce so he and his bro secluded from the scene we shut down and just let the unbelievable sting
No words were being said just loud aching calls from the boy and his fists bruising from the walls
He put on a face that was obviously a lie cuz the next day his friends could see it in his eyes
He said nothing was wrong but then walked off he tried to explain but he couldnt even talk
He stayed hidden in a room for nobody can bother hands pressed together prayin for the heart of his mother
As the days went by things started to smooth over mom and pops were talking and repairing the runnedover
There were more important things then staying in grief we needed another way to start making the green
Mom stepped up like a soldier and worked two jobs paying a tuition that made earned money feel robbed
She sacrificed everything .somehow still making dinner she worked her tail off. in our hearts shes the best of the winners
The boy wants to give back but doesnt know how he knows if he makes it when hes older shell without a doubt be proud
The boys family is still trying to live life they are going through a struggle still but mom always gives life
They are so gone trying to get out of this situation but we all know its gonna take time and patience
Now since miggy let you in and showed you his life hes gotta clock out because its the end of the night.

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