November 14, 2016

I lay amongst an endless void,
drifting in a field of life devoid,
this empty realm by man, foretold,
is crafted by a hand of gold.

This golden god surrounds my face,
a vision forced with love and grace,
transported to a labyrinth of pain,
and hate, and joy that feels the same.

A tear falls from my glossy eye,
forming oceans far and wide,
these lifeless waters clash with might,
and stand still within the light,
the belly of the oceans groan,
and the bright red waters turn to stone,
a pillar of endearment rise,
a dove of morning above me cries,
a song of death and life is told,
this mystery is destined to unfold.

The sounds of laughter echo through,
an empty room of crimson blue,
the airless breaths of gods and men,
invent a world I’ll never see again.

I see a stranger passing by,
my silenced screams and muffled cries,
the ground consumes the walking man,
and I try to understand,
this peaceful world of love and faith,
corrupted by a suited wraith,
a rusted hand stands idly there,
as his world is filled with pain and joyful despair.

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