Sea of Stars

September 18, 2016
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A single star, larger than the rest
In a vast sea of winking lights, gathered to bless
The Lone Star, their god, blooming out to its kin
Yet there are even bigger secrets, hiding within

For what the whole world could never really know
The secret to the stars, a place for portals to align
Pulsing during the night, and day too, when the star’s rest, but not true
To the world beyond, to which most humans are blind

And what must lie behind this blindspot? Well, you see
Many explorers have come, poking their toes into the seas,
While braver venture deeper, past the sparkling blue
To the islands these seas house, the locks to their keys

That is where we live, the secret to the stars
Behind folds upon folds of the cosmos, elemental fabric being torn
To the land of all fantasy, the mind behind the eyes
A place only the the true explorers came, where new legends were born

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