An Online Love Story </3

September 17, 2016
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I had a sad day from the start
An endless pain in my heart
Those who I called my own betrayed me
I came away to them never see

I went online in a haste
Scrolling my news feed, felt it a waste
Just as I was closing, saw a notification
'New friend request': felt this sensation

A stranger who I never knew before
Sent me smiley faces four
I started telling him everything on mind
From then on, there was no looking behind

Day and night, I spoke with him
My pains each day, began to dim
I found a friend, I found my love
My empty heart filled with roses and dove

We met each other, quite too soon
Had long, lonely walks under the moon
I tried to make him notice me
My true self locked away, never to be

I started wearing many cute dresses
And stopped doing too many messes
I went out all the way to be seen
More than desperate, I had been

I started fantasizing about our future together
About weddings in the calm, peaceful weather
One fine day, I decided to propose
With a ring in hand and a lovely rose

I went to the park and waited for him
Wearing a lovely dress and looking slim
Then he came with his friends quite a few propose to him, this was my cue

I poured my heart out and held out the ring
But he laughed and said I was just a fling
He went away with his arms around another girl
Leaving my tattered heart and emotions in a whirl

I promised myself never to trust
Rather die than love if I must
As I sat alone in the dark
This online love left its searing mark

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