Poem of Love, Life and Heartbreak

September 16, 2016
By Adriana12 BRONZE, Albion, Michigan
Adriana12 BRONZE, Albion, Michigan
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“Feel a little more and give a little less,
know you hate to confess,
but, baby, who, you needed me.”
     (“Needed Me” - Rihanna)

“I don’t wanna hurt you,
but you live for the pain,
I’m not tryna say it, but
it’s what you became.”
     (“Shameless” -  The Weeknd)

“There can be one only you,
and baby, God could never make two,
and I know you came here with your crew,
but I promise you that it feels like it’s just us two.”
    (“New Flame” - Chris Brown)

“Look at things different, see the bigger picture,
those were the days,
hard work forever pays,
now I see you in a better place.”
    (“See You Again”- Wiz Khalifa)

“You bring a feeling to me I never show,
nobody has made me feel this way before,
I’mma good girl,
but I wanna be bad for you.”
    (“Bad For You” - Meek Mill)

“This love is so ideal,
I’m honored to be in it,
I know you feel the same, I see it everyday,
in all the things you say,
in all the things you do.”
   (“You Are My Rock - Beyonce)

The author's comments:

This piece says a lot about me. I love music. This poem let me show my emotions and feelings with other peoples words. 

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