Like Fire on Coals

September 12, 2016
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I'm told I'm completely worthless,

By the people around me,

But then I am a bloody mess,

That's when you ask how I be,

I'll tell you,

How I'm the maddest in the world,

So what do you do?

You push me down and laugh as my blood runs cold,

Veangence owns my soul,

Hatred fills my heart,

You lit me like fire on coals,

I'm not your piece of art,

I won't be made a fool,

Don't use me as your tool,

I will be cool,

What if I say I feel the fuel,

My soul isn't for sale,

It's never too late, never trust Death,

Who actually fails,

I live for more than one breath,

He fears my face,

He hears my voice,

He runs as I chase,

This is where we all have a choice,

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