August 31, 2016

It’s hard to imagine a world without people dying from school massacres or domestic violence; no more shootings, no more children screaming, just the sound of silence.

They have said guns don't kill but people do;
they have said this long enough that we have come to believe it is true.

They have said “no more children dying, no more parents crying”;
But the people with the deep pockets and the government just be lying.

All they have said are hollow truths that they have twisted to meet their end;
“sell more guns”, they say, because fixing the problem is not what they intend.

But why on earth don’t they get it
that the children be dying from a semi-automatic;
young blood spilled all over the floor, someone call the paramedic;
cleaning up the dead bodies be problematic.

When people get mad nowadays, they just grab a gun, and shoot everyone in their vicinity;
people hate each other, people making everyone else their enemy;
political debate about this issue just be a parody.

When we turn on the TV, it seems to happen everyday this predictable abomination;
it's hard to witness this in our generation.
I want to take the weapons of destruction pile it in cremation;
then from the melted metal construct beautiful works of recreation;
so all the children can play, enjoy, and frolic in its jubilation.

For we must end gun violence;
and heed the sound of silence.

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