I'm Breaking.

August 31, 2016
By Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"We are always feeling every emotion, but only a few are screaming."

Verse 1;
Who do you think you are?
Sticking your knives and swords into my heart,
Did you really believe,
I could leave without a scar?
You can’t just wish your pain away on a shooting star,
And expect for everyone to be normal the next day,
Pain takes time to heal,
Watch me break away,
I am not fine at all,
Can not even get through this one day,
But I will smile anyway.
Verse 2:
I know you think I have got it so easy,
But the truth is beyond it,
It is sitting right in front of your eyes,
Think about someone other than you,
Try it just this one time,
You can’t tear me apart just so you can have glue to put yourself back together.
You may feel fine,
Guess it just takes time,
To gain that empathy,
you should be skilled enough to see,
my life a’int a silver staircase,
I am on a rocky hill,
And baby girl you don't have to believe me in this world,
But I am breaking everyday,
I am so not okay,
I feel like a stray,
I just wanna start all over,
On a new day,
New record starter,
No broken hearts,
I just wanna start again.

Verse 3:
You stabbed me in the heart,
Verbally abusive,
Killed me with you words,
You have an awfully large mouth,
I hope those words will eventually sting you,
So will snap out of thinking you are a queen,
Do not run back to me,
I am not a caged bird,
I sure have got wings,
I will fly away,
From all the anger you toss my way,
Empathy is such a thing,
Guess you don't know,
I am loosing control,
Every single day,
Every single day,
Because deep down where nobody knows it,
I am breaking,
From my wounds caused by the mental knife you stabbed in my heart,
You watched me die,
You just walked away,
If that were you,
I would have stayed,
Even through all the things you put me through.

Verse 4:
I am breaking,
I am breaking,
My soul is aching,
My heart is rushing out of control,
Where can I go?
I just want someone to play in my band of misunderstood anger,
But no one understands,
The pressure I am under,
You took the knife,
And dug it far away,
I will just have to wait one more day,
When a new dictionary of your words come in,
And I am back where I was,
When I was just starting to fit in.

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