Happy Pills

August 27, 2016
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Verse 1:
She got to the point where she drowned in happy pills,
She got so angry,
No one could deal with her anymore,
So they gave her a jar,
With a child proof cap,
They chanted for her to swallow the anger away,
She got to the point where she could only feel safe,
With happy pills in her system.
She begged and begged for another escape,
Until the clock chimed just one second too late,
She felt sweaty,
Her palms hot as fire,
She could not breathe,
She collapsed to the ground.

Verse 2:
She began to sigh the pain away,
A crying child,
Desperate for another,
She turned the cap,
Bursted into tears,
There were no more left,
She couldn't breathe,
Tears up her sleeve,
She needed to get through just one more day,
To feel okay,
So she could be alive for today.

Verse 3:
Just one more,
I just need one more happy,
Then you can slam the door in my face,
I know I am full of disgrace,
Money sells for happy,
In my family,
Take the pills or have a dream,
A dream where you never wake up,
Because you need one more drop of the happy,
But you are all out,
Blistering inside your soul.

I just need one more,
One more,
To stay alive,
Do not close the door behind me yet,
Just bring me one more,
One more happy,
I can not deal will any sad right now in my life,
I just want one more,
One more lifted to my door,
My door,
I don’t know how to thank you anymore.

Verse 4:
One thousand dollars for one?
I’ll sell you my house,
Just give me one more happy?
My skin is fading away,
My soul is aching,
I can’t see straight,
I just need one more chance,
To be happy,
Thats all I am fighting for,
One more,
One more,
Just one,
Then you can slam the door,
I just need one more to stay alive.

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