mama please

August 24, 2016
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Mama watches me drown 

and sends me to men 

so i can go down

mama sends me away 

to a shadow 

a shadow with a hungry soul

how am i gonna cope?

when i go to school next day high on his dope


Mama can you hear me now?

or is charley shouting to loud?

Mama dont let me drown

in a sea of his pleasures 

mama i dont wanna smoke his herbs no more

dont let me smoke those herbs no more

'cause each night i wake up on his floor


under 5000 feet of water

beneath the water 

there's your daughter

and i know it's hard to see

but for once

you worthless dog of a mother

put that drug down 

and lift me up from underground

look in my eyes 

and tell me you love me 

one last time

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