Good and the Bad

August 18, 2016
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I know you have had your handful,
I know life has thrown you out for the ride,
But through it all,
I want you to know,
I’ll be by your side,
Through the good and the bad,
I’ll hold your hand,
As it turns into iron,
I’ll have your back,
Don’t you look back,
I’ve got you,
Every step of the way,
Keep your eyes to the future,
Dream away.

Verse 2:

Life will not be a silver staircase,
It’s got lumps and edges,
Revenge will follow,
But you don’t have to worry about all of that,
Just close your eyes,
Breathe in,
I’ll get you through the good and the bad,
Sadness and anger,
I won’t leave you when things get rough,
I’m not just here to for me,
I am not the person everyone makes me out to be,
I am your friend,
And I’ll stay here to the very end,
Good luck getting rid of me,
I’ll stand by you.


Life has never been that easy,
It’s a roller coaster,
Every time you reach the top,
You are just in to get smacked down again,
I’ll travel the windy roads with you,
I’ll be here for the fairy tale and the storm,
Bring on the good days,
Bring on the sad days,
Here I go,
Stronger than the wind,
And my crazy alter ego.

Verse 3:

Listen to me,
We can win,
Just keep your head up,
Never look down,
At the ground,
It just keeps getting steeper,
Do not fall down,
And crash,
I still remember the engine running away,
Why couldn’t you just stay?

Verse 4:

I am at my worst,
I watched your face swell down,
As your soul died briefly,
Now you are up and away,
Partying somewhere,
I don’t feel safe,
I was there for your worst,
And now it’s me,
I’m dying of hurt,
I want someone to help me through these hard times,
Why can’t you understand?
I’ve been there for the good and the bad,
You were there for the good,
But when it all came down to the worst,
You could not wait to escape.

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