Fire Up (Unconditioned: 3)

August 20, 2016
By dustin.southpaw PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
dustin.southpaw PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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let me tell you a story, I know somebody once told me,
about how pain can heal to happiness, spill guts before glory,
before he lights up another flame just to watch it adoring,
no points for making sense of it, I keep track of my scoring,
only points I have are stabbing me, but spears I'm ignoring,
I just gotta get back up, kick off my dust & keep going,

and I don't need a friend, to stab me in the back when they say they're heaven-sent,
the only thing I need is a full bottle of medicine, 'cause I can't explain the way I'm sick and I'm hesitant,
to say it's the end of the game, this fever is making me spent,
without  my writing though, I couldn't think of a way to vent,
without my music I don't think I could make sense of it,
atleast tell me the way im drowning can wash what i try to repent,

every other hour having to say lord I'm so sorry for I have sinned,
I'm trying to hold my feet behind the line of my innocence,
but this anger beat me forward 50 feet from the line again,
I try not to repeat but I cheat when I copy and paste my sins,
to their whip, im a slave again, count my hairs, because I'm shavin',
count my sins, you'll need more space then, on your calculator, but still worth savin',
'cause I'm not gonna let it beat me down again, for every sin, I will pray times 10,
and add a 9 when I break and bend, 7 fold will I make amends,  when I feel like im lost, it eqauls time to play again.

So fire up, light it hard, everybody play your part, just keep tearing me apart, take my soul, take my heart.
fire up, light it hard, 'till my insanity kick-starts, let me bleed it in this art, take my soul, take my heart, fire up.

Yes I'm angry now,  not gonna stop forget what I said don't take a bow, don't push me or i'll tip you cow-
ard, because all I ever heard was a painful vow, to swallow everything I'm given, I'm so thankful now,
that I had the strength to go every mile, refusing to get stuck in this dog pile, but realize how you treated me, I wanted you to taste the ground,

and if I hadn't removed myself from the situation I was placed upon, I knew I would have messed up your face all along, and that may be the same threat I made before, to someone I used to love and adore, but everything you gave me,  was worse than what I ever gave that (gah!), and I apologize that it's come to the point where I can't hold my tongue because I don't see the point, moving on now because i've made my point about you, what about her story? it's ironic that you stabbed me in the back, because the whole time I just wanted you back, but thinking about you just makes me gag, 'cause you stepped on me like a worn out rag, and I can't believe that with what I felt, my heart was put on your bottom shelf, not sure how to feel, about what you steal, but I hope you're happy with your damn self, can't believe it was real, thought in time it would heal, from the time you cast me with your spell, and vowed to make my life hell, so go ahead tell, I'll bid farewell, when it's over so I don't have to walk on eggshells,

when all my life I just wanted to see, how I could find the real me, trying to let all my friends be, knowing what all my friends made me, now that you see what i've be-come you all leave and you leave me none, now I'm trying to make me numb, trying everything that I can, people keep telling me what I am, now that I'm stuck and I don't have a plan, I'm needing a hero so send iron-man,
I need a hero when everything's damned, i need a good listen so tell me again, I feel like a wolf because I can't human, dissappointment's all I get from them, so go ahead make that finger flip, call me evil and call me sick, grab my heart and just take a rip, think you're god and then break my ribs, taste my pain on your finger tips, shove me hoping that I might slip, you're all tossing me when I have no grip on my emotions, but my motions, may change if i feel im hosting, a party for my self with extra punch, 'cause im bleeding out an ocean so

fire up, light it hard, everybody play your part, just keep tearing me apart, take my soul, take my heart.
fire up, light it hard, 'till my insanity kick-starts, let me bleed it in this art, take my soul, take my heart, fire up.

The author's comments:

This was definitely made as more of a rap/hip hop song than a regular song, but I felt it necessary to make it that way in order to express everything about this part of the set.

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