Animals (Unconditioned: 2)

August 20, 2016
By dustin.southpaw GOLD, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
dustin.southpaw GOLD, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I can feel confusion in my brain...
I can feel confusion in my brain...
are we all what we are just the same?
conscience in my thoughts will you remain?

it's time to come again, to sing  the song of heaven's scent,
to put you in your place where you belong,

it's time to act again, upon the numbing next to sin,
to see the lion's den where non of us belong.

this time around we don't know  how to see,
the lines within it's face go further in as we concede,

they're animals, they roll the dice, they justify their living vice,
they're animals, they'll pay the price, their rightiousness in swallowed lies,
they're animals.

I am not a friend, of what you call a worthy spend,
and I am not a soul to lose into the night,

I came here for something clean, pursue the good in hell's obscene,
to what a soldier can embrace is what I fright,

I need this come to me, for what I needn't become free,
and what is washed away with paintings in my head,

surely you are there, and not a moment become spared,
make me feel the bliss of death as left unsaid,

we're animals, we roll the dice, we justify our living vice,
we're animals, we'll pay the price, our rightiousness in swallowed lies,
we're animals.

what hasn't changed his mind, in standing free on real love's time,
the minutes kneeling spent are cleansed away,

it's all in all, it's fail and fail, one's arm cannot reach holy grail,
we're all the same and you cannot astray.

you're animals, you roll the dice, you justify your living vice,
you're animals, you'll pay the price, your rightiousness in swallowed lies,
you're animals.

for our hearts desire the face of diamonds masking our lusts of death and destruction,
for damaging to our hearts are the knives sharpened by our dulling of morals and conscience.

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